Turf Establishment Programs

Turf establishment programs are a complex and multi-layered regime. ETP Turf can assist in developing the foundation of a logical program that is easy to follow and flexible enough to meet all your needs.
Most importantly we will keep your input requirements to a minimum as ETP Turf have no direct alignment to proprietary companies and are truly independent...

When establishing turf it needs to be well looked after as there are several elements that can effect the conditions of you turf, these include: weed infestations, insect and disease damage, drought, shade, heavy foot traffic and usage, poor drainage, lack of topsoil, under or over fertilizing and fertilizing at the wrong time of year, poor cultural practices (e.g. mowing too short or infrequently).

In some cases the turf areas will need to be completely renovated to get a healthy and useable turf surface or it may just require some fairly minor works. Either way ETP Turf will have a logical and technical monitored approach to establishing your turf surface.