Bayside City Council
September 2019 - May 2020

In the heart of Bayside City Council at the intersection of Keating and Stawell Street in Black Rock resides the recently reconstructed Donald MacDonald Reserve.  Bayside City Council engaged Endeavour Turf Professionals (ETP Turf) to oversee and assist with the redevelopment of this site including the initial site investigations, project management, design and provision of specialised agronomic consultancy to ensure a successful outcome.
The original Kikuyu turf surface and natural turf wicket experienced poor drainage and lacked suitable irrigation systems preventing the facility from performing adequately for the communities AFL and Cricket requirements.  As part of Councils commitment to improving recreational facilities within the municipality, the reserve was the first stage of a larger renovation project which would see the upgrade of the onsite pavilion, improved areas for off-leash dog walking and increased sporting activities.
In collaboration with ETP Turf, Council ensured minimal soil was taken off site during the cut and fill stages ensuring any excess soil was repurposed at the local golf club to avoid unnecessary waste. A new Santa Ana Couch turf was selected for its drought tolerant and durability characteristics replacing the original Kikuyu turf and was complimented by an improved drainage system across the whole site.  Additionally, ETP Turf recommended the use of Hybrid technology within the higher use areas of the goal squares and wicket surrounds to help mitigate surface damage.  
Bayside City Council are delighted with the finished natural turf field of play and are enjoying the benefits of the new turf surface that boasts superior drainage and irrigation systems, experiences less damage on the high use areas through the use of hybrid technology and has increased the levels of usage due to the new sand profile and turf variety.  ETP Turf have continued to offer agronomic consultancy for this community loved facility to ensure the maintenance and upkeep remains at the highest level to maximise longevity and playability.