Bayside City Council
May 2016 - May 2018

As the sporting community within the Bayside City Council region experienced strong growth in recent years, there was a pressing need to upgrade the Pavilion at Elsternwick Park, along with the adjoining No. 1 natural turf field.  In order to reconstruct the pavilion to the desired specifications, the size of the oval was reduced slightly to accommodate the pavilions new footprint whist still meeting the field of play requirements of AFL and Cricket Australia.
Prior to the reconstruction, the existing surface was a mixture of cool and warm season turf forming an uneven playing surface that was substandard for sport and lacked suitable drainage systems.
The oval reconstruction included major cut and fill works to create a 1 in 100 slope from the centre point, a newly installed network of subsurface drains that complimented the existing stormwater system, an state-of-the-art automatic irrigation system, 250mm deep sand rootzone layer, a turf wicket table and concrete kerbing with pipe rail fence surrounds. Surfaced with a durable and high wearing Santa ana couch turf, the establishment period post construction was set to take approximately 16 weeks and was carefully monitored and supervised by ETP Turf’s Senior Agronomists.
Benefiting from the specialised agronomic experience and hands on approach of ETP Turf consultants thorough precise contractor and project management practices, Bayside City Council were delighted not only with the final outcome of this project, but their experience in working with ETP Turf and our methodical approach to design amendments to suit level adjustments, navigated site contaminant discoveries and ensured sand quality assurance and testing protocol.  
The completed facility now includes an optimised and uniform playing surface, an expanded water storage tank that can utilise recycled and potable water, a new high performing cricket wicket positioned on the highest point of the oval, concrete kerbing including fencing and an easy to access mowing strip around the perimeter.