Sportsfield Design

ETP Turf can design your sportsfields using a combination of CAD, engineering and graphic design technologies to produce accurate designs, modelling, surveys and information to assist with sports turf project construction. With qualified associated civil engineers the design and result are assured.

ETP Turf provide computerised CAD Surveying and Design for sports turf projects, including golf courses and sports fields, which assists in the construction and renovation of sports turf sites with the provision of:

Master Plans including Contour Plans, Irrigation Plans, Drainage Plans and Earthwork Calculations.
Contour Plans containing accurate levels to assist with construction. Contour Plans can also be used to highlight existing or potential drainage issues.
Setting Out information showing site features including sprinkler layouts, drainage lines and the position of wickets, tees, green, fairways, bunkers, fences, buildings, paths, roads, etc.

ETP Turf can assist with new turf construction or re-construction in the following areas;

  • Developing a detailed site investigation, including a soil survey to determine the soil types and profiles
  • Preparing a survey of the existing surface contours
  • Developing and preparation of concept plans and construction options
  • Developing and preparation of tender documentation
  • On-going and direct involvement in the tendering process, including the vetting of tenders, providing information to tenderers, chairing pre-tender information meetings etc.
  • Day to day and on-site project management and administration, including regular site/works inspections, quality control, approving certificates for practical and final completion