Project Management

Contract management is a key requirement for on-time, on budget and quality workmanship.

ETP Turf will keep the process honest, transparent and the client will get what he pays for from the contractor when ETP Turf are the project consultants.

Project management and specifications are essential to safeguard clients when significant turf works are being undertaken. Contractors need turf establishment specific instructions and a plan to work to. Clients need the surety that they will get what they pay for.

With a qualified consultancy, ETP Turf get it right first time. Many clients use engineers as consultants for turf construction works. While engineering advice is often required, so is the advice of irrigation designers, soil lab technicians, draftspersons, earthworks specialist and various material suppliers.

At an extremely competitive and economical cost ETP Turf can incorporate all the business disciplines required and also provide specialist agronomic and turf specific advice to ensure value for money and to head off the possibility of dispute.

By conducting a series of survey plans prior, during and at completion to construction ETP Turf set out a detailed program for the project with an information specification document that ensures that there can be no dispute about what is required from a works contractor.