Sportsfield Auditing

ETP - Turf can provide an on-site problem solving or a comprehensive evaluation of your turf area. The type of information provided is dependent on the extent of the consultancy required but may include;

  • solutions to any problems that exist
  • details of the current condition of each inspected turf area, including the turf cover & composition; surface levels; soil conditions and any other relevant information
  • the extent of the work required in the short and long term to improve the condition of the turf area
  • help to prioritise any work into a realistic time frame so they can be planned for in budgets
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the turf area
  • prepare a well structured works program

All evaluations are followed by a comprehensive report which can act as both a situation statement of the turf area as well as details of recommendations and programs to be followed.