Water Savers

With limited water and changing climatic conditions Australian Turf Managers are seeking newer and more comprehensive water efficiency options as an everyday requirement. In helping to address this issue ETP Turf helps explain and present to customers (without the marketing hype associated with many products!), what the differing options are technically and more importantly how they actually work.

This approach across the whole water efficiency products range allows ETP Turf to deliver a more value focused recommendation and end result to its customers, as nearly all turf areas are affected by different conditions, circumstances and levels of inputs.

ETP Turf have the ability to independently discuss all current technologies available, be it evaporative controls, moisture monitoring equipment or "block polymer surfactant technology" or even what are ethylene oxide propylene oxide block co-polymers and what do they do without all the marketing hype! ETP Turf has long recognised that appropriate management and utilisation of water will be an ongoing and important requirement and skill set for Turf Managers throughout Australia. With the importance of not only achieving the best turf quality but doing it with limited water and a broader range of water efficiency options.