TurfScan is a system that covers the 3 fundamental elements of turf management being: moisture, plant heath and compaction. TurfScan is a scientifically based system of monitoring virtually any size area to help turf managers make key management decisions based on real time data.

Using state of the art infield GPS software TurfScan enables you to:
  • Accurately monitor your soil moisture
  • Identify plant health issues before they are apparent to the naked eye thus saving time and money
  • Qualify and monitor soil compaction issues
With this information you can then:
  • Better manage and utilise your most valuable asset - water
  • Identify plant stress and health issues before they become apparent to the naked eye
  • Quantify soil compaction thus for the first time allowing you to determine whether aeration work is actually necessary and if so has it worked!
Through TurfScan we have now been able to bring this factual and scientifically based system to the commercial turf industry and manager. The result being:
  • less time wasted on guessing what is the actual condition of your turf areas
  • less risk of wasting money and expenditure
  • and of having a lesser than optimal playing surface

Moisture Mapping
Plant Health & Establishment
Turf Surface Hardness