Moisture Mapping

When precision irrigation decisions count on your sports surface, ETP Turf can  offer turf managers the tools to manage water responsibly and efficiently with Turfscan.

Water management strategies are important as water restrictions become more stringent. Replace the subjective soil probe and feel method with precision measurement of soil moisture. Researchers have used this advanced technology for years to gather accurate soil moisture data. Turfscan measures the volumetric water content in the soil profile.

We can track soil moisture across multiple locations, Spot check for localised dry spots or even map the soil moisture across an entire field. Soil moisture has been shown to correlate with turf firmness and playability.

Why measure soil moisture?

Soil moisture plays a key role in the life of the plant.  Nutrients in the soil solution provide the plant with the food it needs to grow.  Water is also essential for regulating plant temperature through the process of transpiration.  Plant root systems are better developed when growing in moist soil.  Excessive levels of soil moisture, however, can lead to anaerobic conditions that can promote the growth of plant and soil pathogens.