Plant Health & Establishment

TurfScanTM is a system that can assess 2 fundamental elements of turf management being: plant heath and establishment rates. TurfScanTM is a scientifically based system of monitoring virtually any size area to help turf managers make key management decisions based on real time data. Using state of the art infield GPS software TurfScanTM enables you to:

  • Identify plant health issues before they are apparent to the naked eye thus saving time and money

With this information you can then:

  • Identify plant stress and health issues before they become apparent to the naked eye

Through TurfScanTM we have now been able to bring this factual and scientifically based system to the commercial turf industry and manager. The result being:

  • less time wasted on guessing what is the actual condition of your turf areas
  • less risk of wasting money and expenditure
  • and of having a lesser than optimal playing surface

Turf establishment programs are a complex and multi-layered regime. ETP - Turf can assist in developing the foundation of a logical program that is easy to follow and flexible enough to meet all your needs. Most importantly we will keep your input requirements to a minimum as ETP-Turf have no direct alignment to proprietary companies and are truly independent...